How Are Cool Roof Pavers Helpful Year-Round?

With today’s climate crisis, doing everything possible to help reduce environmental impact is crucial for U.S. residents. Although it may not feel like you can do anything to make a significant difference, even small changes add up to a world of a difference. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve a more eco-friendly home, try something as simple as switching up your roof’s porcelain deck pavers. Not only will it make your home more comfortable and more sustainable, but it will also save you money! Here’s how Cool Roof pavers can help your wallet and the environment year-round.

What Are Cool Roofs?

Most traditional rooftops — more than 90 percent of rooftops in the United States — are made with asphalt and other dark-colored materials. These dark materials absorb high amounts of solar heat, increasing heat island effect and contributing to global warming. In addition, since high amounts of heat are absorbed into the roofing material, that heat is then transferred to the building below, increasing the need for AC in the summer.

Cool Roof pavers, by contrast, are eco-friendly roof deck pavers made from premium, ultra-white raw materials. By utilizing white and ultra-light colored pavers, Cool Roof pavers have a high reflective value and low emissivity rate, resulting in a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value. This high SRI value means that the sun’s heat is reflected off the Cool Roof pavers and emitted back into the atmosphere, reducing heat absorption and heat transfer to the building below.

Cool Roof pavers are installed on top of your roof using our standard adjustable pedestals or hybrid adjustable pedestals to achieve a quick and cost-effective elevated roof deck. Even if your roof is sloped or uneven, our roof pedestals will give you a perfectly level finish that makes your rooftop ideal for a pool deck, rooftop garden, or entertaining space.

Cool Roofs Reduce Heat in Summer

Cool Roof pavers are advantageous all year long, but they’re most effective in hot climates. They’re engineered to support heat reduction efforts, so the sunshine of summertime allows them to do their best work for your utility bills.

Since the white of Cool Roof pavers efficiently reflects infrared light, which makes up approximately half of the sun’s energy, contractors utilize them in warm climates to make their projects LEED-certified and eco-friendly. Cool Roof pavers can also be combined with traditional metal, tile, and asphalt shingles for a customized solution that suits your area’s unique weather patterns.

Cool Roofs Maintain Heat in Winter

Many homeowners understand the advantage of Cool Roof pavers in the summer but wonder whether the material’s reflective value will make their home colder in the winter. Especially in colder climates such as the Northeast, Cool Roof pavers can be advantageous during summer heatwaves, but the heat-reductive properties may not be needed during the winter.

A team of researchers recently studied the effect of a cool roof versus a conventional black roof during the winter months. They found that, with consistent insulation in both homes, both structures had equal amounts of heat loss. Even with Cool Roof pavers, homes will not experience any more heat loss than with an asphalt roof, but they’ll be able to take advantage of the significant heat reduction benefits during all other seasons of the year.

Which Projects Benefit From Cool Roofs?

Cool Roof pavers can benefit projects of all sizes and in all climates. While properties in particularly warm climates will undoubtedly benefit the most, climate change is rapidly increasing average temperatures across the country and the globe, resulting in brutal summer heatwaves even in the chilliest climates.

If you have a residential or commercial property that you’d like to make more eco-friendly, Cool Roof pavers are a great choice. Not only will they reduce your carbon footprint, but on average, Cool Roof pavers can save a property owner 7 to 15 percent on total cooling costs over time. Whether you’re managing a commercial building or upgrading your dream home, Cool Roof pavers can benefit you.

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