How Can Adjustable Pedestals Maximize Your Rooftop Bar or Restaurant?

In a dense urban environment, roof decks are a must for maximizing space in a commercial building. Whether you run a hotel, mall, luxury condo complex or any other property with rooftop space, a rooftop bar or restaurant is a valuable amenity that can help set you above competitors and impress guests without fail.

By utilizing Tile Tech’s adjustable pedestals in conjunction with durable porcelain deck pavers, you can quickly and easily create a premier rooftop entertaining space that remains within budget while looking nothing short of 5-star quality. 

Versatile Design Options

With dozens of deck pavers available in a range of materials, colors and finishes, Tile Tech can bring your vision to life and help your restaurant express its personality through design. Whether you want a modern, industrial cement finish, a rustic wood-like paver or elegant porcelain deck pavers that replicate luxury stone, there’s a roof deck paver to match any style, budget and functionality.

All of our roof pavers can be used seamlessly with our roof pedestals for an easy-to-install solution that provides a high-grade finish. No matter what porcelain paver design you choose, you can utilize our roof pedestals to add the perfect finishing touch to your luxury rooftop bar or restaurant.

Impressive Impact Resistance

Porcelain pavers and roof pedestals are some of the most durable flooring solutions for roof decks available on the market. They have several practical safety benefits for commercial projects, such as resistance to frost, fire, mold, salt corrosion and thermal shock. They can also withstand more than 2,200 pounds of weight per slab due to an advanced manufacturing process that involves high temperatures and incredible pressure.

This means that no matter how many plates, utensils or wine glasses are dropped on your flooring, your roof deck will remain low maintenance. In the event that something does damage your porcelain deck pavers, individual tiles can be easily removed and replaced as needed, thanks to the versatile roof pedestals.

Easy Installation

The main thing that deters commercial properties from installing a rooftop deck is the perceived hassle of installation. Rooftops are rarely in construction-ready condition, and it can be costly to install commercial flooring directly on top of the roof.

That’s why Tile Tech’s innovative roof pedestals have become a top choice among contractors nationwide. Our two types of adjustable deck supports — standard adjustable pedestals and hybrid adjustable pedestals — are both designed to make installation as swift and cost-effective as possible, thanks to their adjustable height and click-in-place installation method.

The adjustable roof pedestals allow you to create a perfectly level roof deck surface that allows for drainage and keeps cabling and pipework hidden. Raised roof decks are incredibly functional as well as sleek and beautiful, ready for use in any high foot traffic restaurant.

Wind Uplift Mitigation

One of the significant challenges of usable rooftop space is wind. The taller the building, the windier it is, and if you’re seating guests outside in a rooftop bar or restaurant, wind can be detrimental to the diner’s experience.

Tile Tech’s wind uplift and safety paver trays were made with this in mind. Used in conjunction with our porcelain deck pavers and roof pedestals, the engineered system can be used to prevent wind uplift while providing additional safety in case of deck paver breakage. 

The Hex-Tray system creates a solid surface, utilizing the entire roof paver surface and locking down securely to prevent horizontal and vertical movement. The result is a superior paver roof deck with high wind uplift resistance that will keep your business and your patrons safer than other flooring alternatives.

Tile Tech is proud to be a leader in adjustable deck supports and deck pavers, manufacturing one of the easiest-to-use deck systems on the market. If you’d like to learn more about Tile Tech’s full range of products and services, including porcelain outdoor tiles and adjustable pedestals, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to provide you with a free product sample, catalog or quote for your next project.