4 Ways Rooftop Turf Can Elevate Your Roof’s Space

If you want to maximize your property’s livable space, transforming your rooftop is an ideal solution. Whether you want more outdoor space to enjoy in a crowded city or make your messy and drab rooftop look more enjoyable, adding artificial grass to your roof deck can revolutionize how you see this unconventional living space.

Tile Tech’s roof turf tray, used in conjunction with our standard adjustable pedestals or hybrid adjustable pedestals, makes it remarkably easy to install synthetic grass on your rooftop in just a matter of hours. Whether you hire professionals or DIY it, you can increase your property value and create a private outdoor oasis using rooftop turf. Here are just four of the many ways that synthetic turf can elevate your roof deck.

1. Create A Space for Entertaining

Between the incredible views, wonderful weather, and spacious layout, rooftops are an excellent place to host any gathering, big or small. By pairing Tile Tech’s bestselling porcelain deck pavers with rooftop turf, you can transform your unusable rooftop into the perfect space for parties, gatherings, or just a relaxing evening watching the sunset.

Both porcelain pavers and artificial turf are incredibly durable, so any spills and messes from entertaining can be easily cleaned. Even tough stains or more significant damage can be easily repaired, thanks to the convenient Hex-Tray tile system. Synthetic turf, especially when supported by our roof turf trays, can handle moderate to heavy foot traffic as well as any recreational activities your party wants to enjoy, so there’s no better solution for an outdoor entertaining space.

2. Design a Private Rooftop Garden

If you want to use your rooftop more for relaxation and zen than for parties and hosting, you can use roof turf to create a private rooftop garden. If the sea of concrete has you feeling down, utilizing Tile Tech turf trays and roof plant trays will transform your asphalt rooftop into a lush and natural oasis that soothes the soul.

Best of all, with synthetic grass landscaping, you don’t have to worry about the weight of soil, drainage requirements, or adverse weather. Artificial turf trays will remain verdant yet low-maintenance all year long, even on the tallest skyscraper rooftops.

3. Enjoy Reduced Roof Maintenance

Since artificial turf is so low-maintenance, you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs when you install synthetic turf trays on your roof decks. The elevated turf deck allows for efficient drainage that prevents standing water accumulation and, as a result, reduces water-related damage or deterioration to your roof.

Synthetic turf can also act as an umbrella for your roof, protecting it from harsh weather and direct sunlight. Sunlight can break down your roofing material over time, requiring costly repairs. When you install rooftop turf, you can delay or prevent these issues and spend far less on roof repairs in the long run.

4. Add Aesthetic Appeal

Even if your rooftop doesn’t get much recreational use, adding synthetic turf trays can boost visual appeal, thereby increasing property values and encouraging greater use.

Asphalt rooftops with a couple of folding chairs are less than inviting, which is why your rooftop may not be getting the daily use it deserves. If you add more visual appeal to your roof deck with synthetic turf, you can attract more residents and transform your drab rooftop into a popular hangout area.

Since artificial grass is durable and low maintenance, it can handle high foot traffic as well as the weight of patio furniture without turning brown. Add a fire pit, comfortable seating, coffee tables, and even games to encourage use of the space or just to make it a more pleasant place to be.

If you want an easy-to-install roof deck solution within budget, look no further than Tile Tech and our innovative Turf-Tray system. To learn more about the many products and services Tile Tech offers, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to provide you with a free product sample, catalog or quote for your next project.