Granite-Tech: The Superior Alternative to Traditional Granite Tile Pavers

With timeless beauty and wide accessibility, granite is one of the most popular options for home renovations, both interior and exterior. From granite slabs for kitchen counters to granite tile pavers for driveways, there are dozens of ways to utilize the natural beauty of granite for your home. 

However, granite can often be high-maintenance and cost-prohibitive, making it an unrealistic option for many homeowners. That’s why Tile Tech created a practical solution for homeowners and business owners who want the beauty of natural granite without the fuss — Granite-Tech concrete pavers.

Designed to mimic the natural beauty of granite, Granite-Tech deck pavers offer timeless elegance with enhanced practicality. From a lower cost to a longer lifespan, here are just a few of the reasons why Granite-Tech concrete deck pavers are superior to traditional granite tile pavers.

Strong & Durable

One of the main concerns for many homeowners and contractors is the strength and durability of their deck pavers. Every property owner wants a paver that can withstand heavy foot traffic, extreme weather conditions, and everyday wear and tear.

Granite-Tech concrete pavers are made using a unique blend of natural granite and high-strength concrete to give property owners the best of both worlds. This combination results in visually stunning pavers that are incredibly strong and impact-resistant. After all, there’s a reason why contractors use concrete for bridges, buildings, and other load-bearing projects; it’s an extremely hard-wearing material that will get you the most for your money in the long run. 

Our Granite-Tech pavers can withstand heavy loads and harsh weather, making them perfect for high-traffic areas such as driveways, walkways, and patios. When cared for properly, Granite-Tech pavers can last for decades without significant wear and tear.


Although older or cheaper concrete deck pavers may be considered high maintenance, Tile Tech’s Granite-Tech pavers are engineered with superior wear-resistant qualities. Our tiles are highly compressed during production to make the product stronger and more resistant to salt attack, water absorption, and surface chipping. 

Our Granite-Tech pavers also help shield the underlying surface from the effects of nature such as mold and weather damage. By installing Granite-Tech as roof pavers, for example, you can extend the lifespan of your roofing and reduce maintenance and repairs. Therefore, when you choose Tile Tech, you’re receiving a much lower-maintenance and more cost-effective option for your renovation.


Another advantage of concrete deck pavers is that they come in an enormous range of colors and finishes. If you can’t find the perfect natural granite slab to complement your project, Granite-Tech concrete pavers allow you to customize your ideal finish. You can choose from various colors and aggregates to create your dream granite without breaking the bank or leaving things up to Mother Nature. 

In addition to our Granite-Tech series, we also offer a Stamp-Tech series, Oceanic series, and Recycled Glass series. Each of these series has its own distinct look, but all of them have an unlimited choice of colors and aggregate mixes. You can also decide between a polished or shot-blasted finish for further customization.


One of the biggest drawbacks of granite tile pavers is their high initial cost. Natural stone pavers of any kind, including granite, are typically a much larger investment, which can make them impractical for projects with a tight budget or large area to cover.

Concrete is beloved by residential and commercial property owners alike because it’s one of the most affordable and cost-effective options on the market for deck pavers. Granite-Tech offers the same look and durability as traditional granite tile pavers but at a fraction of the cost. Moreover, the low maintenance and durability of Granite-Tech further enhances its cost-effectiveness. With minimal upkeep and long-lasting durability, you can save money on repairs and replacements in the long run.

Visually Appealing

Finally, Granite-Tech concrete pavers are visually stunning and complement any design. As mentioned above, Tile Tech concrete pavers can be customized to meet your one-of-a-kind design needs, so whether you have a modern bungalow or a Mediterranean oasis, you can find a Granite-Tech paver that works with your style.

The natural granite blend of our Granite-Tech pavers also ensures that they have a luxurious and high-end look that will elevate the appearance of any outdoor space. Whether you’re creating a cozy patio for entertaining or a grand driveway for your home, Granite-Tech deck pavers will add an element of elegance and sophistication just like that of natural granite tile pavers.

If you’ve decided that concrete paving slabs are the best paving solution for your renovation, trust only the best — Tile Tech’s deck pavers. We have dozens of concrete paving products, all customizable to the colors, patterns, and textures of your choosing. To find out more about our available product selection, give us a call at 888-454-9437 or fill out our online contact form today. One of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to advise you and provide you with a free catalog, product sample, or project quote.