Diamond Pro – Rooftop Synthetic Turf

Tile Tech’s Diamond Pro roof deck turf features a 1.875 inch pile, polyethylene monofilament with thatch construction & designed specifically for rooftop landscape application to enhance recovery & reduce window reflection heating. LEAD FREE PRODUCTS: All of our turf products undergo rigorous stringent testing to ensure safety, non-toxicity and contain NO detectable traces of lead or hazardous waste heavy metals.



Field Green/Olive Green

Thatch Color:


Pile / Face Weight:

Approx 75 ounces

Pile Height:

Approx 1.875 inches

Machine Gauge:

3/8 inch

Roll Size (W x L):

15 feet x 100 feet

Shipping Weight:


Drainage Rate:

30+ Inch Rain/Hour/SqYd

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