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Turf Roof Decks: What to Know Before Installing

Creating rooftop gardens is a great way to add value to your property and attract guests or tenants. Especially in cities where green space is scarce, turning your rooftop into a usable and verdant living space is immensely valuable and worth the investment. To reduce the maintenance of rooftop decks and ensure that they stay green all year long, many property owners opt for artificial grass over natural grass or plant life. Combining state-of-the-art synthetic turf with Tile Tech’s artificial turf trays made specifically for rooftop deck installation makes it incredibly easy and affordable to achieve your dream rooftop. Before you start laying down your turf, here’s what you should know for the best installation possible.

Existing Damage

Before you begin your project, check the roof for any damage or rot. It’s never recommended that you install artificial turf over a damaged roof because any leaks or other issues become more difficult to repair once your roof has been transformed. If you do have damage, make sure you thoroughly repair it before moving ahead with an artificial grass rooftop deck.


Once you’ve confirmed that there is no damage to the roof, check your roof’s drainage to ensure that all water has somewhere to flow for removal. Any pooled water could damage your artificial turf and result in mold, mildew, or roof leaks, so if you notice pooled water on your rooftop, address your roof’s drainage before continuing with your project. Luckily, the majority of rooftops are designed with water flow in mind and will have adequate drainage for a turf roof deck.

Installation Method

Normally, artificial grass is installed on rooftops using an intricate and costly framing method. However, Tile Tech’s Turf-Tray system eliminates the need for extensive framing and sticky adhesive. Our turf trays can be used in conjunction with our adjustable deck supports to create raised decking that can be quickly installed by snapping each tray into place on the adjustable pedestals. Not only does this make initial installation a breeze, but the grid tile system also makes it easy to remove and replace a section of turf if it becomes stained or damaged. At Tile Tech, we have everything you need to complete your rooftop deck installation efficiently, including adjustable deck supports, turf trays, and a variety of market-leading synthetic grass products.

Furniture Placement

The final thing to consider when installing artificial grass on your rooftop deck is the placement of heavy furniture. Large furniture such as tables, chairs, and bars will leave imprints on your turf, where its blades will flatten over time. To prevent this, we recommend moving around any heavy furniture every few months and cross-brushing your turf. You should also avoid placing barbecues, fire pits, or other items with hot embers on synthetic turf, but this issue can be avoided by mixing artificial turf trays with porcelain outdoor tiles so you can still enjoy these amenities without compromising on beautiful synthetic turf landscaping. 

Rooftop decks are a valuable amenity for any modern building, and adding vibrant greenery in the form of synthetic grass will only further bolster your property’s value without adding on additional maintenance. If you want an easy-to-install rooftop deck solution within budget, look no further than Tile Tech and our innovative Turf-Tray system. To learn more about the many products and services Tile Tech offers, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to provide you with a free product sample, catalog, or quote for your next project.