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What to Consider When Choosing Pool Deck Pavers

No matter what your design style is, there are a vast array of pool deck pavers available to complete your backyard renovation. Choosing the right paving tiles is crucial, as it does not only boost the aesthetic appeal of your deck but also improves its function. If you’re searching for the perfect pool deck paver to complete your next project, consider these four factors before making the final decision.


It’s important to choose a pool deck paver solution that will complement your building’s overall design and style. If you have a modern interior, a rustic pool deck will look disjointed and out of place. If your home’s exterior paint color and patio furniture are largely warm-toned, cool-toned pavers will also appear visually conflicting. Keeping your style and color palette consistent across the property will enhance your home’s appearance and increase its value. When choosing a pool deck paver, make sure that it works with the rest of your landscaping and overall home design. If you’re aiming for a more natural and rustic feel with plenty of surrounding plant life, you may like Tile Tech’s IPE wood deck tiles. Travertine porcelain pavers are great for a Mediterranean style. For something more modern, we recommend our Quartzite Slate Series porcelain pavers. No matter what your style, Tile Tech has something for everyone.


Appearance is nothing without functionality. Choosing a paving tile that can handle everything you throw at it is crucial for getting the most out of your investment and ensuring your pool deck lasts for years to come. Pool decks are exposed to salt, chlorine, chemicals, sunlight, heavy foot traffic, and more, so they need to be able to withstand a lot. Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers are incredibly durable and perfect for pool deck applications since they’re non-porous, slip-resistant, and low-maintenance. They don’t need to be sealed, they aren’t prone to discoloration, and they’re cooler underfoot than natural stone pavers. If you want pool deck pavers that are worry-free and ready for fun all summer long, Tile Tech’s porcelain outdoor tiles have you covered.

Coping Tiles

Don’t forget to keep your pool coping tiles in mind when selecting your pool deck pavers. Whether you already have them installed or you still need to choose both, making sure they’re cohesive is crucial to creating a well-designed pool deck. Choose textures and colors that complement one another and keep a cohesive design aesthetic. You may opt to choose the same material for your coping tiles as for your pool deck pavers, creating a seamless transition that makes your pool deck look bigger and more modern. Tile Tech offers pool coping tiles that perfectly match our Granite-Tech and Stamp-Tech deck pavers. Choose between a polished or shot-blasted finish, and pick one of four edge profiles: bullnose, wedge, dropped, or square edge. Each finish offers a unique look that will further enhance the design of your pool deck.

If you’re ready to transform your pool deck with new and improved pool deck pavers, Tile Tech has everything you need to complete your project on time and to the highest standard. We offer dozens of pool deck paver options as well as pool coping tiles in a wide range of earthy colors. To find out more about our full product selection for pool decks, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to provide you with a free catalog, product sample, or quote for your next pool deck renovation.