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Why You Should Consider Travertine Porcelain Pavers for Your Pool Deck

Travertine pavers are one of the most popular options for pool decks and pool coping tiles throughout the country. As a natural stone, they exude luxury while adding a light and airy Mediterranean flair to any pool deck. However, natural travertine pavers can be extremely expensive and temperamental when it comes to wear and tear. Tile Tech’s innovative Travertine porcelain pavers offer homeowners and property developers the same beautiful and luxurious appearance as the natural stone, but at a fraction of the cost and with even greater functional benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider travertine porcelain pavers for your pool deck renovation.

More Affordable Pricing

One of the biggest reasons why clients choose porcelain outdoor tiles for their pool deck is because of the price. Luxury stones can be incredibly costly, and they have higher long-term maintenance costs versus porcelain paver alternatives. Tile Tech’s travertine porcelain pavers offer the same luxury look, but they cost far less. They also require less maintenance and repair, which further reduces long-term costs in addition to the initial investment cost. If you’re on a strict budget and travertine pavers aren’t within it, consider travertine-style porcelain pavers instead for your pool deck.

Enhanced Safety & Comfort

Porcelain pavers aren’t just the budget option; they also offer superior functionality. Porcelain offers greater safety benefits for your family and guests, such as slip-resistance. Whether the area is wet or dry, you can rest assured that pool deck visitors are safe from slipping and falling, especially compared to natural stone pool deck tiles. They also remain cooler to the touch than natural travertine or darker-colored porcelain tiles, keeping bare feet more comfortable during the scorching summer months. 

Blends Indoor & Outdoor Living

Travertine pavers are a popular flooring choice for interior renovations as well as exterior deck tiles. By choosing travertine porcelain pavers for your pool deck, patio, and living room, you can create an indoor-outdoor living area that makes your home feel bigger and brighter. Maximize your entertaining space by creating a seamless transition between your home and your pool deck. You can even choose matching pool coping tiles for a completely uninterrupted pathway from your patio door to your pool. 

Low Maintenance & Long-lasting

If you have a high-traffic property, you want a pool deck paver that can handle it all. With Tile Tech’s porcelain pavers, you can enjoy a solution that offers unparalleled durability while further enhancing your property’s luxury appearance. Our travertine porcelain pavers are resistant to frost, fire, thermal shock, color fading, and water damage. They’re nonporous to resist staining, and they have extremely high slip resistance. This makes them perfect for use as pool deck pavers, ensuring the safety of guests and family. They’re also extremely lightweight, making them easy to install even in commercial rooftop applications. If you want to get the most of your money and invest in a durable, long-term pool deck solution, travertine porcelain pavers are the premier choice.

If you’re renovating your pool deck this year in time for summer, Tile Tech’s Travertine Series porcelain pavers can help you create your own personal oasis. Our travertine porcelain pavers open up any pool area with light, bright, and modern finishes, including matching pool coping tiles. From price to functionality, Tile Tech’s travertine porcelain pavers offer the ultimate in quality pool deck tiles. To find out more about our available product options or to get started with a free quote for your pool deck renovation, give us a call today at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our convenient online contact form.