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4 Tips for Selecting the Right Paving Contractor

A paver deck is a long-term investment, and it’s one that will be prominently seen by everyone who visits your property for decades to come. Although not all paver products are created equal, even the highest quality porcelain outdoor tiles can look bad if they’re installed improperly. If you want to guarantee that your home or business is receiving a high-quality installation that you’ll be happy with, make sure you choose a trusted paving contractor like Tile Tech. Here are several things to look out for when choosing the right paving contractor for your next project.

1. Ensure they have verified accreditations

The first step to choosing a paving contractor is to ensure that they’re properly licensed or accredited. Verifying these accreditations will help you weed out unreliable companies quickly. Moreover, those who have licenses and accreditations can be checked for customer complaints or lawsuits that may be red flags. Proper accreditations can also help clarify what services the contractor offers and can legally provide.

2. Assess history and reputation

You never want to be a contractor’s first run at it. Inexperience will cost you time and money, and it may even harm your reputation if you use an inferior final product. Ensure that you choose a company with years of experience in the industry. Experience means that the company has honed its craft, and will provide you with the highest-quality paving tiles and excellent services at the most affordable rate possible and in little time. In business, time is money, and going through endless rounds of trial and error with an inexperienced company has the potential to be very costly. Tile Tech has worked with industry-leading businesses for more than 10 years, transforming some of the most spectacular outdoor spaces in Southern California and throughout the country. If you want a professional paving contractor you can trust, look no further than Tile Tech.

3. Make sure they’re fully insured

It’s crucial that whatever paving contractor you choose is fully insured. This means having full liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation. If there are any accidents or property damage during the course of the project, their insurance will cover any costs and ensure that you’re not liable for any issues.

Choosing the right paving contractor for your residential or commercial renovation will make the process exponentially easier for you. High-quality paver deck tiles and an extensive inventory paired with expert knowledge and outstanding service are guaranteed to give you an unparalleled installation experience. With tiles used everywhere from the Venetian Hotel & Casino to the Netflix corporate campus, Tile Tech Pavers has become synonymous with affordable luxury. To bring luxury outdoor tiles to your residential or commercial property, choose Tile Tech Pavers for your next renovation. To browse our full inventory or learn more about our installation services, give us a call today at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form.