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Pool Coping Basics You Should Know

When constructing the perfect pool, every inch of it matters. In particular, the edge of your pool plays a significant role in making it complete. For all pool owners who want that ideal swimming pool, correctly coping the edge of your pool is especially necessary. Not only will it make for a more pleasing look, pool coping will also create a safer and more enjoyable swimming experience. For the uninitiated, here are some pool coping basics that you should know.

Why Pool Coping is Necessary

Coping is the protective cap at the top of your pool wall. It can be made out of different materials each with varying levels of effectiveness. Coping serves multiple functions for a pool. It will allow for both a safe and clean swim. Coping can prevent grass, dirt, and leaves from entering the pool. It also prevents water from penetrating the area behind the pool shell and causing unwanted structural damage that could be dangerous to those swimming. 

The Right Pool Coping For You

When wondering which pool coping is the right one for your situation, you’ll need to take a few things into account. You must carefully consider a paver’s durability. How long will the material last and can it withstand tough conditions? Durability and safety are two characteristics that a paver must have. You also have to examine its cost. Not only do you have to worry about its initial price, you also have to account for the cost of maintenance and repairs. Lastly, its style and look must feel right to you. After all, you’re going to be spending a large amount of time at your pool and the last thing you want is unappealing pavers.

Tile Tech’s pool coping pavers are a perfect balance of style and reliability. Our pavers offer endless design possibilities that will allow you to choose the right one that matches your pool’s aesthetic. Because of our use of crushed recycled granite, our pavers are highly durable able to withstand tough conditions all whilst still being eco-friendly. There are many pool coping pavers out there, but none of them can match the quality that Tile Tech offers.

For all of your pool coping needs, Tile Tech is here for you. Tile Tech has decades of experience making products that are at the cutting edge of quality and innovation. For further consultation on which of Tile Tech’s many stellar products is right for you, give us a call at (888) 380-5575. We would be happy to provide a free quote, product sample, or catalog at your request.