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How To Maintain Your IPE Wood Deck Tiles

Whether you’re developing a massive commercial office building, or you’re remodeling your home’s patio, Ipe Wood deck tiles make for a beautiful addition to any rooftop deck or home patio. They’re sure to liven up any environment with their unique and alluring aesthetic. However, once you make this addition what’s the trick to keeping the deck tiles in their highest condition? If you’re looking for the best ways to maintain your ipe deck tiles, here are some tips you can try out when you have time to spare.

It’s important to note that maintaining and keeping your Ipe Wood deck tiles at its peak condition won’t be too difficult with periodic cleaning. 

The first step to maintaining your deck tiles is ensuring that any food contents and beverages that have been spilled are cleaned up before they can attract any bugs or insects. Spills from alcoholic drinks are especially susceptible to attracting ants when left uncleaned. 

Another easy step that shouldn’t be too time-consuming is ridding your ipe deck tiles of all leaves and similar plant debris through sweeping or leaf blowing. You shouldn’t face too much resistance and this should be a quick leisure activity. 

If your goal is to just ensure that your deck tiles remain in good clean condition, then the two activities stated above should be enough to meet your desired goal. 

However, it should be recognized that the color of deck tiles tends to become duller over time without maintenance through oiling or staining. 

Ultimately if you’re not interested in going through the process of oiling or staining, faded colored deck tiles is a perfectly fine look. Some prefer an aged aesthetic for their deck tiles believing it to be nicer in appearance. 

However, if you’re an owner of ipe deck tiles who wants them to maintain their fresh lively color, then you should look towards either staining or oiling. Choosing between either technique is simply a matter of preference. Oiling accentuates the current color of your deck tiles and largely helps maintain its current status. Meanwhile, staining allows for more flexibility in altering the aesthetic of your deck tiles. 

Once you’ve made your choice, staining or oiling from time to time will be more than enough to help your deck tiles maintain their quality and retain their appearance. 

If you’re looking to make your rooftop deck or patio standout then ipe deck tiles could be the solution for all of your needs. To find out more about ipe deck tiles or any of the other many paver system products that Tile Tech provides, give us a call at (888) 380-5575.