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How to Create Your Dream Pool with Tile Tech

Tile Tech’s innovative outdoor paving systems are known across the country for turning uneven, unlivable outdoor areas into functional, beautiful walkways. Whether you have a residential or commercial project to complete this summer, Tile Tech’s outdoor pavers can help you add the finishing touches to your outdoor pool deck. By choosing the right pool deck tiles and pool coping from Tile Tech, you can achieve your dream pool, even on a rooftop!

Porcelain Pool Pavers

Porcelain pavers are beloved for pool decks because of their durability and versatility. No matter what design you’re going for, you can achieve it with Tile Tech porcelain paver tiles. Choose from more than 40 products throughout 11 distinct signature series, with finishes that can replicate anything from wood to stone to cement. If you want a particular look but also want to guarantee the hardest-wearing finish possible, choose porcelain pavers. They’re nonporous to resist staining, and they have extremely high slip resistance. This makes them perfect for use as pool pavers, ensuring the safety of guests and family. They’re also extremely lightweight, making them easy to install even in commercial rooftop applications. 

Ipe Wood Pool Deck Tiles

If you have your heart set on the exotic beauty of natural wood, Tile Tech’s ipe wood deck tiles are also a great choice for pool pavers. Our ipe wood tiles are extremely easy to install, working in harmony with our adjustable pedestal system to create a foolproof paving system that will look perfect every time. Many homeowners and developers choose ipe wood for their pool deck tiles because it’s one of the most low-maintenance decking options. You can reseal it annually to keep the original color, or you can choose to let it naturally weather to a beautiful silver gray. Pool water won’t damage or corrode our ipe tiles, and, in fact, they’re highly slip-resistant and therefore deal for pool decking.


Pool Coping

Once you’ve decided on your perfect pool deck tiles, you’ll need to choose complementary pool coping. Here at Tile Tech, we offer pool coping options that perfectly match our Granite-Tech and Stamp-Tech paving tiles. If you’d like something more customized to your taste, you can take advantage of the unlimited design possibilities and choose a custom color or pattern for your coping. You can also choose between a polished or shot-blasted finish for added slip-resistant qualities. To complete the design process, pick from one of four edge profiles: bullnose, wedge, dropped, or square edge pool coping. Each finish offers a unique look that will further enhance the design of your commercial pool deck.

Whether you’re renovating a home to keep up with 2020 trends or you’re building a new commercial facility, Tile Tech has everything you need to create a dream swimming pool. From porcelain pool pavers to square edge pool coping, no detail is too small and no project is too big. To find out more about our products, give us a call at (888) 380-5575. We would be happy to send you a catalog, product sample, or free quote for your next project.