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2020 Pool Deck Paver Design Trends

The must-have amenity for any commercial property is a swimming pool. Whether ground level or rooftop, having an outdoor pool space for guests to enjoy will increase your property value and customer satisfaction exponentially. When constructing your pool area, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the pool deck. Pool deck pavers play a major role in the finished appearance of your new pool, so you may want to consider some of these popular pool deck paver designs that are becoming even more prevalent in 2020 renovations. 

Wooden Pool Decks

One of the most popular paver systems for pool decks here at Tile Tech is our ipe wood deck tile. As pool deck pavers, ipe wood offers a rustic, natural appearance that simultaneously provides high slip resistance for wet surfaces. Made out of certified ipe wood lumber, these intertwining tiles have a modern style that can be customized into straight or brick patterns. No matter which size, finish, or pattern you opt for, ipe wood pool deck tiles are guaranteed to elevate the appearance of your commercial property. 

Matching Pool Coping

There are two parts to a pool deck: the deck itself and the pool coping around the very edge of the pool. Usually, the pool coping is a different material than the deck. This gives the pool a clear trim or outline. However, a popular trend for 2020 is to use the same material for both your pool deck tiles and pool coping, creating a seamless appearance that’s perfect for a contemporary style. Here at Tile Tech, we offer pool coping tiles that perfectly match our Granite-Tech and Stamp-Tech pool deck pavers. Choose a pool coping in the same color and finish as your pool decking in order to create a continuous paving pattern that offers minimalistic appeal. Give your pool coping pavers a square edge profile in order to even further enhance the modern look of your outdoor pool deck. 

Extend Outdoor Living Areas

Another way to create a seamless appearance for your outdoor pool deck is to bring the inside outdoors. Essentially, this means choosing the same floor pavers for the inside of your home, the outside of your home, and your pool deck. Tile Tech paving systems such as outdoor porcelain pavers can be used in all of these areas, allowing you to create one seamless flooring solution that will open up the space and bring in the natural wonders of the outdoors. Our porcelain pavers are perfect for interior use as well as pool decks because of their incredible durability and enhanced slip resistance, as well as their wide range of custom color and design possibilities. 

If you’re installing or renovating a swimming pool in your commercial property, it’s important to choose a pool deck paver solution that will complement the building’s design while offering enhanced functionality. Tile Tech’s pool deck tiles and pool coping pavers make it easier than ever before to install a level pool deck surface with unparalleled aesthetic appeal. To learn more about products such as our outdoor porcelain pavers or pool coping tiles, give Tile Tech a call today at (888) 380-5575. We would be happy to supply you with a catalog, product sample, or free quote.