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The 4 Types of Concrete Paving Tiles

If you want your outdoor space to have the appearance of natural stone with enhanced durability and easy installation, our concrete paver series is the perfect paving system solution for you. We carry four distinct types of concrete paving tiles that suit a wide array of designs: our Granite-Tech series, Stamp-Tech series, Oceanic series, and Recycled Glass series. Each type of concrete paving tile has distinctive attributes that make it uniquely suited to complement various commercial projects.

Granite-Tech Series

Designed to mimic the natural beauty of granite, our Granite-Tech series of concrete paver gives the surface a granite-like appearance with enhanced slip resistance. Granite-Tech pavers are produced under extreme hydraulic pressure by bonding crushed granite with limestone in a color cement matrix that duplicates the forces of nature. Once they are ground, the process exposes the granite chips’ natural beauty. After they are finished, our Granite-Tech products become a slip-resistant and high-strength granite-like paver. The beveled edge provides additional trip-hazard protection in pedestrian applications and disguises uneven leveling. With a superior surface finish and custom colors available, our Granite-Tech series is a popular choice for those seeking to achieve a sleek terrazzo look. Any contemporary project, residential or commercial, can benefit from the Granite-Tech concrete paver.

Stamp-Tech Series

Our Stamp-Tech pavers are specially designed to replicate the texture, color, and overall appearance of natural slate. The irregular top surface is created from actual sections of stone, creating a realistic natural stone effect. Our Stamp-Tech pavers come in various surface designs, ranging from a simple, flat monochromatic finish to a distinctive Coral-Face design. Its saltwater resistance makes it the perfect paving solution for poolside decking. The production process results in a product that’s highly resistant to salt, water absorption, and surface damage. To add an extra element of texture to any courtyard, pool, or patio, opt for our popular Stamp-Tech concrete paver.

Oceanic Series

Tile Tech’s Oceanic Series concrete pavers combine the natural elements of the sea with the most innovative manufacturing techniques in order to create a breathtaking and highly durable architectural paver. The Oceanic Series incorporates sea elements such as crushed seashells, fossilized coral impressions, and natural wave patterns in order to replicate the natural wonder of the ocean floor. Choose from the Coral-Pave, Shell-Pave, Wave-Pave, or Traver-Pave surface designs for the finish that best suits your project. Our pavers are available in a virtually unlimited choice of colors, giving your design a look and feel like no other paver. Manufactured to be slip-resistant and eco-friendly, our Oceanic series is beloved by clients and their visitors alike. 

Recycled Glass Series

Our Recycled Glass Series of concrete pavers offer an eye-catching paving solution that will add color and vibrancy to any outdoor space. Our Recycled Glass pavers are made with recycled soda-lime plate or container glass for a thinner, lighter, and stronger paving application. The manufacturing process of our Recycled Glass products results in less greenhouse gas emissions than our other concrete paver products, making them a green alternative to other paving solutions without compromising on quality. Incorporate anything from reflective browns to vibrant, oceanic blues into your decking with our unique Recycled Glass series. It’s guaranteed to turn any residential or commercial space into a sparkling urban oasis. 

From residential projects to commercial undertakings, every building can be made more stunning with the use of Tile Tech concrete pavers. With design versatility, high material quality, exceptional durability, and easy installation, our concrete pavers are consistently a superior choice. To find out more about our decking and roof paver materials, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 today. We would be happy to send you our catalog, offer free samples, or provide you with a free quote for your project.