Concrete Base

The Oceanic Series™ Wave-Pave™ paver in Concrete Base features a natural speckled design with a light gray background and gray flecks, allowing for the perfect outdoor feature. Our Wave-Pave™ pavers have been designed to reproduce the texture, color and appearance of a wave pattern within natural stone. By combining natural shells, granite chips, or recycled glass with our aggregate mixture, the Wave-Pave™ series provides an eye-catching natural effect that will withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for any outdoor residential or commercial paving project. Our Oceanic-Series™ Wave-Pave™ pavers are available in several size from a nominal 12” x12” to a nominal 20” x 20” in addition to various colors.


Sizes - All

24" x 24"





Water Absorption


Frost Resistance


Slip Resistance DIN51130


Slip Resistance ASTM

>0.6 wet >0.6 dry

Breaking Strength ISO

>2,250 lbf

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