5 Real Problems With Low-Quality Wood Deck Tiles

If you’re a homeowner or contractor seeking to add a rustic, natural aura to your new patio, you may be considering wood deck tiles. Beautiful and functional, wood pavers add a unique look to your hardscaping that few other materials can provide. 

However, when choosing the right wood deck pavers for your project, it’s important to investigate the quality of your products. Low-quality wood deck tiles can be rife with issues such as mildew, rot, warping and splintering. These issues can be costly and time-consuming to repair, and they can even put the safety of your family and guests at risk. When investing in wood pavers for your next project, make sure you choose a high-quality deck paver product that avoids these five common issues.

1. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are some of the most common problems associated with low-quality wood deck tiles. This is especially true if the tiles are installed in a damp, humid environment, such as near a pool deck or in a tropical climate.

Mold and mildew aren’t just unpleasant to look at; they can cause permanent discoloration, staining, and even rot. They can also be difficult to remove, and even if you do manage to remove them, they can quickly come back if the conditions are right.

2. Rot

Real wood is naturally porous and can absorb moisture. When it does, it can cause the wood to weaken and deteriorate, resulting in rot. This can create an unsafe environment, as the wood can become brittle and weak, breaking underfoot.

If your heart is set on a hardwood paving product, choose a nonporous wood such as ipe or cumaru. Both of these dense species have excellent durability and weathering properties. They’re some of the most resistant to termites, decay, and rot, guaranteeing a longer lifespan than other high-porosity, low-quality woods.

3. Warping

Another common issue with low-quality wood deck tiles is warping. Warping occurs when the tiles are not properly sealed or supported. If the tiles are not sealed properly, they can absorb moisture and swell, causing them to warp and buckle. This warping causes the tiles to become uneven and unstable, making them dangerous to walk on.

If warping is a major concern, choose a dense wood that doesn’t need to be sealed to maintain its structural integrity. With Tile Tech’s ipe and cumaru wood deck pavers, you can choose to re-seal them annually to retain their original color, or you can allow them to naturally weather over time to a silver-gray hue without worry. You can also opt for wood-look porcelain pavers that will replicate the appearance of real hardwood without any concern for warping or freeze-thaw cracking.

4. Splintering

Anyone who has come into contact with wood knows one of its biggest nuisances: splinters. With low-quality wood deck pavers, this is no exception. If your wood isn’t dense enough or isn’t properly sealed, the wood can become dry and brittle, causing splinters that can be painful to anyone who walks on your deck barefoot.

If you want to make your deck safe for all ages, seasons and footwear, choose a dense and durable wood like ipe or cumaru. Some of the least porous and most low-maintenance wood deck tiles on the market, our wood deck pavers allow you to minimize splinters while still enjoying the natural beauty of an authentic hardwood deck.

5. High Maintenance Requirements

The biggest hesitation homeowners have regarding wood deck tiles are their high maintenance requirements. Compared to nonporous stone, durable wood species, and porcelain pavers, low-quality wood pavers require a lot of maintenance, including regular sealing, staining, and cleaning. If wood tiles are not properly maintained, they can become susceptible to the issues mentioned above. 

If you want a low-maintenance deck solution that will still look beautiful for years to come, porcelain pavers are the safest bet. At Tile Tech, we offer three unique wood-look porcelain paver series — Wood Plank Series, Wood Rustic Series and Wood Chevron Series — so you can find the aesthetic style you’re looking for while enjoying all the practical benefits of porcelain deck pavers. Paired with our innovative adjustable pedestal system, porcelain pavers allow you to have a stunning, low-maintenance outdoor deck that will last you for decades.

For those seeking real wood for their outdoor hardscaping, ipe and cumaru deck pavers are the nation’s preferred wood deck pavers due to their design versatility, remarkable durability, and natural beauty. Homeowners and developers nationwide know they can turn to Tile Tech for affordable, high-quality and easy-to-install wood deck tiles that can handle any application and match any landscape design. Pair them with our industry-leading Adjustable pedestals for a do-it-yourself deck paver system that you can install stress-free in a matter of hours. 

If you’re interested in ipe wood pavers or porcelain deck pavers for your next project, give us a call at 888-380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’d be happy to provide you with a free catalog, product sample or estimate for your next project.