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3 Benefits of Switching to Cool Roof Pavers

Whether you’re developing a new commercial property or giving your home a facelift, environmentally-friendly upgrades are at the forefront of everybody’s mind. From installing solar panels to electric car chargers, there are many home additions that can make your property greener. However, these often come with a sky-high price tag as a result.

If you’re seeking a quick, easy and cost-effective upgrade that will make your building more eco-conscious and more functional, Tile Tech’s Cool Roof pavers are the ideal solution. These specialized porcelain outdoor tiles offer numerous benefits for your residential or commercial property, including these main three:

1. Cool Roof Pavers Lower Energy Costs

No property owner is dismayed at saving money. By switching to Cool Roof pavers, you can lower your energy usage and, as a result, your utility bills.

What makes Cool Roof pavers distinct is their light — often white — color. In contrast to the typical dark roof materials, Cool Roof pavers’ bright hues reflect sunlight rather than absorb it, lowering the overall heat absorption of the building below. 

By reducing heat transfer and lowering the building temperature, Cool Roof pavers reduce your AC usage and make your property more energy-efficient, translating into substantial monthly savings. On average, Cool Roof pavers can save a property owner seven to 15 percent on total cooling costs over time.

2. Cool Roof Pavers Are Eco-Friendly

Cool Roof pavers’ high reflective value and increased energy efficiency mean that your property will be more eco-friendly. If you’re aiming for a LEED-certified project, Cool Roof pavers will help you achieve it with a minimum SRI value of 78.

In addition to improving the eco-friendliness of your particular property, Cool Roof pavers will also help reduce the heat island effect in your local area. Dark, densely-placed urban rooftops contribute to global warming by creating a heat island effect. Since our Cool Roof pavers are produced from premium, ultra-white raw materials, they have a low emissivity rate that reduces this phenomenon.

3. Cool Roof Pavers Protect Your Rooftop

By installing Cool Roof pavers with Tile Tech’s innovative roof pedestals, you can add years to your building’s rooftop and avoid re-roofing costs in the years to come.

By adding a layer between your roof and the elements, you’re adding a layer of protection that will not only extend the lifespan of your roof but also lower roof maintenance costs. Whereas damage to your rooftop can cause you to need a complete re-roofing or even damage the interior of the floor below, individual Cool Roof pavers can be easily replaced if one or more of them is damaged by the elements. Roof decks are also incredibly durable and easy to clean, making maintenance easier and more affordable versus an exposed rooftop.

Additionally, switching to eco-friendly Cool Roof pavers doesn’t mean sacrificing your property’s style or design. Tile Tech offers more than a dozen unique colors, patterns and textures in our Cool Roof paver line that guarantees you’ll find something to suit your aesthetic. Try our Earthtone Series porcelain outdoor tiles in Flat Ash for something more modern; our Seashell Series porcelain outdoor tiles in Seashell Cool for a relaxed, beachy vibe; or our Terrazzo White Black porcelain outdoor tiles for a versatile finish perfect for any commercial property.

If you’d like to learn more about Tile Tech’s full range of products and services, including Cool Roof pavers, give us a call at (888) 380-5575 or fill out our online contact form. We’re always happy to provide you with a free product sample, catalog, or quote for your next project.