Tile Tech’s Top 5 Porcelain Paver Products

There are dozens of invaluable benefits to porcelain pavers: impressive durability, resistance to staining and discoloration, low maintenance requirements, versatile design options, and much more. They’re what make porcelain pavers one of the best-selling paving slab options on the market. But with so many amazing variations to choose from, how do you know which is best for your project? To get you started, here are five of Tile Tech’s top products from our industry-leading Porcelain Paver Series.

1. Travertine Series Porcelain Pavers

Tile Tech’s Travertine Series of porcelain pavers perfectly replicates the sophisticated appearance of a natural travertine stone with enhanced functionality and a reduced price tag. Whereas natural stone can be exorbitant in price and susceptible to wear and tear, Tile Tech’s Travertine Porcelain Pavers are resistant to stains and freeze-thaw cracking. They also have sufficient strength to be used for high foot-traffic commercial applications without worry about chips, cracks, or color wear. 

2. Slate Series Porcelain Pavers

Tile Tech’s Slate Series of porcelain pavers has been uniquely designed to reproduce the texture, color, and finish of natural slate without any of the high maintenance requirements. With four neutral color tones to choose from, each product’s textured top surface is developed from actual sections of natural slate for an authentic look and feel. However, the slate-effect porcelain pavers have all of the practical benefits of porcelain, including fire resistance, frost resistance, stain resistance, and slip resistance. 

3. Wood Plank Series Porcelain Pavers

If you want the appearance of a natural hardwood floor without the impossibly high-maintenance requirements for outdoor applications, Tile Tech’s Wood Plank Series porcelain pavers are the perfect solution. Made from 100% fired porcelain, Tile Tech’s Wood Plank porcelain pavers offer an innovative, high-tech alternative to both natural and composite wood and timber decking products. The simulated slats give the appearance of individual timber decking slats on a continual anti-slip surface, which makes installation and maintenance a breeze. Choose from natural, teak, or mocha finishes for a fireproof, low-maintenance, and fade-resistant option that is as cost-effective as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

4. Terrazzo Series Porcelain Pavers

Designed to mimic the natural beauty of granite, our Terrazzo Series gives your porcelain paver surface a granite-like appearance with added slip resistance. Not only will the speckled finish add depth and texture to your terrace or deck, but it will combine more than one tile color and create even further visual interest. Choose from 10 unique shades ranging from white to deep charcoal for a paving solution that complements your building and the surrounding landscape. 

5. Trellis Series Porcelain Pavers

Our Trellis Series of porcelain pavers is designed to combine the natural beauty of wood with the contemporary appearance of cement paving. Combine bone or natural wood tones with white, smoke, or ice cement for an eye-catching commercial flooring solution that will wow guests and visitors. Create a chevron design, rotating triangles, diamond patterns, and more for a bold vision that is unachievable with any other paving product. For a unique, low-maintenance, and slip-resistant flooring solution, choose our Trellis Series of porcelain pavers for your next project.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect porcelain outdoor tiles for your next renovation, Tile Tech has everything you need. With dozens of diverse paving slabs to choose from, you can find the color and finish that suits your existing landscape design. To find out more about our product selection or to place an order, give us a call at (888) 380-5575. We’re always happy to provide a free quote.